Adoption of Java Web Frameworks & Library Components Statistics

A recent study bu OIO Compass (April 2012) provides the following:

jsf 2.0

Duke with JSF 2

The selected web frameworks

Caveat: The study participants have indicated a 73% interest with the selection of the framework to be satisfied.

The spectrum of the finally chosen web framework is set up pretty wide. The most common decision was taken in connection with the JSF specification, a total of 32% of participants chose JSF.

Employed Web Framework

Figure: Employed Web Framework

In second place come Spring MVC and GWT with 16%.

The evidence today than market rates prestigious web frameworks in the Java environment JSF, Spring MVC and GWT 62% of the decisions. Grails, Groovy-based framework is one, with 16% in the 4th Place, although the developers have to learn a new language (Groovy).

Interestingly enough, with Spring MVC and 32% of the Grails framework used in the home SpringSource and VMware.

The fragmentation in the Java web framework environment is even more apparent when the are usually brought in connection with JSF components used in libraries.

Much as 35% of participants who have opted for the use of JSF have also decided to develop their own UI components.

JSF component libraries

Figure: JSF component libraries



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