HoneyBee Portal For Naturopathy. A Java EE Cloud Application

HoneyBee Portal for Naturopathy

A Starting version of a new open source Java EE web portal has come to life, thanks to PaaS offering from Red Hat. The application is pure Java EE work, running the following environment:
  • View Framework: JavaServer Faces (JSF) as View Framework 2.1.
  • Database: Oracle MySQL 5.5.
  • Application Container: JBoss AS 7.1.1
  • JSF Facelets Library: PrimeFaces 3.5 & PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9.
  • Compatible Browsers: Mozilla Firefox +3 & Google Chrome. (No Internet Explorer).
  • Build Automation System: Maven 3
  • Persistence Provider: JPA through Hibernate 4.
  • Business Layer: EJB 3 & Faces Managed Beans.
  • Testing framework: Arquillian through JUnit
  • Code Source Host: GitHub
  • Operating System: Ubuntu Linux 13.04.
  • Cloud Host: Paas OpenShift
This application was designed with love and passion. It’s multiligual and should let the user interact with a database of Naturopathy. The common user can browse natural prescriptions, plants.. Using human body parts, cure virtues, types of illnesses or defects, computes his/her body mass index and determine somatotype ….
People interested in contributing either technically or functionally to the application are welcome. Nevertheless, content is being filled continuously, and updates are not regular, so please do not expect to find almost everything related to Naturopathy. If you have time to contribute, please feel free to contact us.

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